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    Leadership CORE stands for Community, Organization, Reciprocation, and Education – all of which are key factors in preparing leaders of tomorrow. Leadership CORE is designed to be a series of information-oriented forums, experiences, and exposure to different facets of community, all of which are based on the belief that knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership. Leadership CORE is open to all interested Chamber as well as non-chamber Members.  All participants must be nominated for a chance to participate in the program. Self-nominations are also accepted. 


    The course consists of a mandatory one-day Saturday retreat, six (6) one-day sessions, which begin at 7:30 am and end approximately at 5:00 pm and a final 3 hour session on Graduation Day.  Also required is attendance to one (1) Schertz or Cibolo EDC Board Meeting, one (1) City Council Meeting of a city of your choice who is a Member of the Chamber and 1 SCUCISD Board meeting (check the SCUCISD website for dates and times). Classes will be in different locations that best relate to the topic studied. As with all worthwhile endeavors, this program requires a definite commitment of time on the part of each participant. Attendance is mandatory for graduation of the program. Absences, incompletion of sessions or assignments may disqualify the participant to graduate.


    Application for 2019 Leadership CORE Class: Click HERE

    2019 Class Syllabus


    Class of 2018



    L to R: Shelby Griffin - Morning Glory Interiors; Denise Garcia - The Bank of San Antonio; Katelyn Hippen-Smith - Woodforest National Bank





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